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This effect rack has everything you need to process vocals. I wanted to it to be able to do everything that you need to quickly process vocals.


All of these parameters were mapped and optimized for editing vocals. The only thing that this effect rack does not have in it is some form of pitch correction and reverb (I . Unfortunately, Ableton does not have any pitch correction stock plug-ins. Hopefully, in the future that will change.


What's inside:


- Noise Control - A noise gate with parameters that suits vocal processing

- Sheen, Presence, Warmth, Mud - EQ 1 controls

- De-esser 1 controls -  New! Mr. Audio's One Band Dynamic EQ

- Squeeze - Compressor with 2:1 ratio and a fast attack and release

- Shine, Polish, Weight - EQ 2 controls

- De-esser 2 controls - New! Mr. Audio's One Band Dynamic EQ

- Glue - Auto Gain Compensated Glue compressor, fast attack and release

- Grit - EQ Emphasis / De-Emphasis Saturator controls

- Utility Plugin - for gain purposes


It is made with all Ableton stock plug-ins so anyone with a copy of Ableton Live Standard Editition or better can use this effect rack.

Mr. Audio's Vocal Sauce Rack 3.0

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