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A bit about me

Hey, I'm Tom, and I'm the owner of Mr. Audio

I got into producing music when I was just 18. I wanted to produce not only for money but for myself as well. I took internships and learned the tricks of the trade to become an audio engineer. I wasn't professionally trained vocally, so I figured going into vocal processing was my next step. I became Melodyne certified in 2009 and I've producing, mixing, and mastering since then.

What I understand now is that it doesn't take a million-dollar recording studio and another million in gear to make Grammy quality records. More and more nowadays you hear songs on the radio wining Grammys that were actually recorded in less than ideal rooms. Technology has come a long way in the world of Audio recording. With the right skills and our mobile equipment, we can get record that perfect sound almost anywhere! 

With that being said I primarily work in the box as a vocal processing engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer.

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