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I will mix your track for FREE!

To be clear this is a giveaway that will happen every month.

I will be choosing one artist/producer a month to work with.

I'm going to do this on my live streams like the free mastering thing I'm doing.

I thought this would be another fun way to help the music community.

Let's get some copyright stuff out of the way first.

You do not own the copyrights to "FREE" YouTube beats.

Working with any of these "FREE" YouTube beats on my live streams will get my channel into some copyright issues.

So you wrote your track to a "FREE" YouTube beat...

No worries! That does NOT exclude you from the contest.

I help artists make a new beat in the same key that fits what they already wrote.

(I also do this as a service for $400 - this is the most popular service I offer)

So yes even if you wrote your song to a "FREE" YouTube beat you can still win the contest.

I will post a video announcing the winner each month.

If I'm working with you on a track, please be patient.

Keep in mind I'm doing this in my spare time so if I get a little busy, please try to understand.

Free mix giveaway checklist:

-Only send ".wav" files.

-Make sure to label all the tracks clearly.

-Make sure all tracks are the same length.

-Make sure to export all individual tracks.

-Make sure to send tracks with and without effects.

(The more I have to work with the better the track will turn out.)

-Make sure your tracks are not clipping. If they are, just turn them down a little until they are not clipping.

-Make sure there are no effects on the vocals. - This step is very important!

(Send one with effects so I know how you want it sound, but I will add the effects.)

Send your music to:

If you don't win the giveaway, and you still want me mix your track here's how:

-You can always pay for my mixing service which will put you as a priority.​​

- $350 per Mix

- $400 per YouTube Remake/Mix

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