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This is the second version of the Ableton Master Rack that I created. It has all the bells and whistles of the first one but with improved functionality. 


I modified the ranges of the controls and how they work to make it really easy to use. This is a great tool to use for mastering for beginers and the more experienced.


-Clipper - Glue Compressor with the soft clip setting on

-Glue Controls - Compressor sidechain HPF at 150Hz, fast attack, medium release

-Grit Controls - Saturation Station

-Sheen, Presence, Low End, Low Mid Controls - Mid/Side EQ controls

-Mid and High Squeeze - Gentle multiband compression

-Ceiling, Boost - Limiter controls


It is made with all Ableton stock plug-ins so anyone with a copy of Ableton Live Standard Editition or better can use this effect rack.

Ableton Master Rack 2.0

$10.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
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