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Reverb Effect Rack that is meant to be an alternative to Izotope's Neoverb.




  • Gated Shimmer - Volume control for gated reverb
  • Gated Thresh - Gate threshold for gated reverb
  • Short/Long - Blend between a short reverb and a long reverb
  • Space HPF - Highpass filter control
  • Space LPF - Lowpass filter control
  • Space Ducking - Side-chain compression for reverb
  • Space Grit - Saturation control
  • Space - Volume control for reverb
  • Dry - Volume control for dry signal
  • Gain - Extra gain control


It is made with all Ableton 11 stock plug-ins so anyone with a copy of Ableton Live 11 Standard Editition or better can use this effect rack.

Ableton Space Station

$5.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
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