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Making Music

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Are you looking for a Mix and Mastering engineer that does it all. Then look no further than Mr. Audio.

Mr. Audio offers all the Mixing and Mastering services you need — Music production, Vocal Processing, Mixing, and Mastering.

We’re your one-stop-shop for all of the mixing, and mastering services you require. I prefer to work remote and I treat every job with the same care I do to my own tracks.

So whatever your musical style may be, and no matter how far away, or close your vision is to reality is, our professional skillset will help make your dream come to life.

Mixer Keys
Studio Microphone
Recording Studio


Do you feel like everything in your song is fighting for the spotlight? Can't get the mix quite right? I can help with that. With my knowledge of the frequency spectrum and stereo image, I can guarantee that you will be more than impressed with the results!

Vocal Processing

Vocals, in my opinion, can make or break any track and it is the thing I see most people struggle with. I've been a Melodyne Certified Vocal Processing engineer since 2009. You will notice a big difference in quality when you hire me for vocal. My attention to timing and pitch is second to none. And generating false doubles and harmonies are my specialty! 


So you have the final mix of your song done, but your struggling to find the right balance in mastering? I can help you achieve that vision you have in your head. We will make your tracks as loud and clean as your favorite commercial records!  I'll make sure you track is tonally balanced and  when I'm done, you'll absolutely love it! 

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